How Much is a Personal Injury Case Worth?

As a high-volume personal injury firm, one of the questions we get asked most often has to do with the potential settlement value of a case –or, in simpler terms, “What’s my case worth?” The short answer, which you’ve probably heard before, is “it depends.” To be sure, this is the answer you want to … Read more

Suing Restaurants for Food Poisoning

No matter where you go in the U.S. and around the world, restaurants are a social and cultural staple in the communities in which they are located. Food is universal, and spending time with friends and family at a new restaurant or the old favorite can be a great way to bring people together. Unfortunately, … Read more

The Graves Amendment in Moving Truck Accident Cases

Every year, thousands and thousands of Americans hit the road in search of new environments and new opportunities. Some may choose to cram their sedans or load their pickups, while others opt for a more traditional staple: the moving truck. Companies like U-Haul, Penske, and others let movers roll off their lots everyday in trucks … Read more

The Ever-Present Dangers of Illegal Street Racing

As it turns out, going really, really fast is one of the most popular and most deadly rushes of adrenaline out there. Pop culture chase scenes and blockbuster movies have only exacerbated this itch, as thousands of motorists engage in illegal street and drag races all over the U.S. each year. These impromptu speed trials … Read more

The Ins and Outs of Nevada Wrongful Death Cases

Without getting too profound, the worst case for any scenario is death. In a broad sense, a proverbial “line in the sand” is crossed once an individual loses their life, and there is no way to undo the situation or recross that line. This concept holds true in the field of personal injury– injuries, even … Read more

A Quick Guide to Nevada Bus Accidents

With an enormous tourist population as well as a sprawling suburban landscape, Las Vegas is unfortunately a hotbed for various kinds of bus accidents. Due to the fact that these are some of the rarest and most severe crashes in terms of damages and parties involved, it is important for all Nevada motorists to know … Read more

Your Guide to Nevada Dog Bite Injury Cases

Surprisingly, the state of Nevada does not enforce a statewide policy regarding dog bites. Rather, dog bite claims are adjudicated primarily through past precedent and city mandates, meaning that courts look through past cases for guidance on current ones. For personal injury claims, the claimant (plaintiff) has the responsibility of proving that the defendant acted … Read more

Why You Should Avoid Taking Gaps in Treatment

With the word “injury” right there in the title, it’s no secret that all personal injury cases are centered around ailments, treatment, and compensation. Therefore, it is important for all claimants to understand exactly what they should and should not do when treating their injuries so that the strength of their case is never jeopardized. … Read more

The Truth About Xeljanz and its Numerous Health Risks

When we feel pain or discomfort, we take medicine in order to alleviate that pain, not to exacerbate it. However, when a drug’s risks outweigh its benefits, the results can be catastrophic and wide-reaching. We as consumers are essentially forced to trust that the manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies who supply our medications have fully tested … Read more

The True Dangers of Talcum Powder and Other Talc Products

For the most part, when we buy products–especially health and cosmetic-related products–we debate factors like quality, price, and quantity. Safety and potential harm is not usually a consideration, nor should it be. While there are substantial processes and agencies in place that seek to mitigate harmful goods, some inevitably slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, talcum … Read more