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Have You Been Involved in a Side-Impact Collision? Here’s What to Do

Whenever the front end of one vehicle collides with the side of another, it is referred to as either a side-impact collision or a T-bone accident. These accidents can be especially devastating because of the fact that passengers have far less protection on their sides than they do in front of and behind them. Not … Read more

What are Emotional Distress Damages and How are They Calculated?

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the end goal is always to recoup a settlement that will cover the damages one has sustained in an accident that was caused by another party. For the most part, attorneys and insurance adjusters will haggle over compensatory damages, such as property damages, lost wages and limits to … Read more

Understanding Washington’s Family Car Doctrine

We’re all familiar with the archetypal scenes of the father giving his young son a hard time before reluctantly tossing over the keys to the family car. These scenes draw on the concept of earned trust, and are usually jovial and lighthearted in nature. However, relinquishing the family keys could have real consequences, for all … Read more

Representing Workers Injured in Cell Tower Accidents

Cellular Towers: America’s Risky Business Some jobs are less glamorous than others, and cell tower workers certainly fall into that category. Ascending, maintaining, and repairing towers is a dangerous profession that requires a calm demeanor, astute concentration, and not to mention immense physical strength. While the onset of the cell phone industry in recent years … Read more

Representing Victims Injured in Elevator Accidents

Over the last century or so, elevators have become ubiquitous in American businesses, hotels, hospitals, and any other buildings taller than two stories high. However, this increase in elevator traffic has also led to an uptick in accidents and subsequent injuries, sometimes even resulting in death. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and … Read more

Tips For Maximizing Your Compensation Following an Accident

If you’ve suffered damages– either physical, financial, or psychological–  as a result of another party’s negligent and/or reckless behavior, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. The biggest factor in determining for sure whether or not you have a case is if the other party can or cannot be held liable.  If … Read more

Auto Accidents: Common Injuries and Their Causes

Although alternative modes of transportation such as ridesharing, public transit, and city bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, personal driving is still the chief way in which we as Americans get around town. In 2016 alone, it is estimated that US motorists took over 150 billion driving trips, which equated to over 2 … Read more

Tire Failure and Tread Separation Accidents: What You Need to Know

Over the years, the technology in the automotive industry has advanced dramatically– luxuries such as touch screens, hybrid power, and online connectivity are now commonplace. However, as cars continue to evolve, their foundation remains the same. Wheel and tire improvements have been few and far between for decades, and to this day, tire blowouts and … Read more

Amusement Park Accidents: Possible Causes, Injuries, Legal Claims

Amusement parks have been one of the most popular family and tourist attractions for decades. Every year, countless patrons brave the large crowds and long lines in order to feel a momentary shot of adrenaline on a high-flying roller coaster or fast-paced waterslide. Ironically enough, the reason why our hearts beat so fast during these … Read more